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TR series Dental Diamond Burs 50PCS

TR series Dental Diamond Burs 50PCS

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Dental Diamond FG High Speed Burs

100% brand new and high quality



1) Natural emery powder, high hardness, it can make sure bur sharpness.

2) High-grade stainless steel stalk, high strength, no rusty.

3) It could be disinfected under the high temperature and high pressure.

4) The maximum allowable speed is to 400,000/min.



Introduction for types:

TF Taper Flat End

TR  Taper Round End

TC Taper Conical End

FO Flame Ogival End

SF Straight Flat End

SO straight Ogival End

EX  Special shape

BR ball Round

BC Ball collar Type

DI Double Inverted Cone

SI  Single inverted Cone

WR wheel Round Edge

CR  inlay preparation

CD Childern's dentistry

S  short shank

SS super short shank

TR seriesTR11TR12TR13TR14TR15




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