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Discover the power of CAD CAM technology with our collection of cutting-edge dental products. With the advancement of digital dentistry, we bring you a range of materials that revolutionize restorations. Experience the precision and durability of computer-designed and milled prosthetics that offer exceptional fits and aesthetic appeal. Shortened production times and cost savings are additional benefits that set us apart from traditional methods. Explore our Monochrome Hybrid Ceramic and CADCAM Lithium Disilicate Milling Blocks for supreme aesthetics and high efficiency. Our Zirconia Blocks offer super high translucency, while our PMMA DISC provides easy milling, residue-free burnout, and high edge strength. Elevate your creations with our Zirconia Block 4D Plus Multilayer and White Zirconia Disc - ST Plus. For a natural smile, try our White Zirconia Block 98mm Smile HT Plus. Not forgetting the essentials, we have Monolayer PMMA Discs and Titanium Metal Milling Discs for your specific needs. And for seamless compatibility, we offer Milling Burs for Sirona MCX5 Machines. Experience the future of dental restorations with our CAD CAM collection. Elevate your practice with the accuracy and cost efficiency of digital dentistry.
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    Super translucent 4d-multilayer zirconia disc 98mm

    Upgrade your dental lab with the Super Translucent 4D-Multilayer Zirconia Disc. Experience premium quality, CAD/CAM compatible, multilayer design with 4D Pro technology, offering superior aesthetics and...

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    Sale price From $94.76 USD Regular price $142.14 USD
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    Vasden sintering paste for zirconia restorations - 12ml

    Fix veneers, crowns, and bridges with ease using this 12ml Dental Firing Paste. Ensure secure positioning and easy removal with no discoloration of the ceramic after...

    Regular price $24.42 USD
    Sale price $24.42 USD Regular price $29.76 USD
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    Cerec dental lithium disilicate glass-ceramic - high translucency - same day restoration - 5 pieces - c14

    The CEREC Dental Lithium Disilicate Glass-ceramic is the perfect solution for same-day restorations without the need for a second appointment. With a high translucency of up...

    Regular price From $98.00 USD
    Sale price From $98.00 USD Regular price $332.00 USD
  • Monochrome hybrid ceramic - resin based -5-piece set

    The Monochrome Hybrid Ceramic 5 Pieces is a high-quality dental material that offers exceptional strength, durability, and aesthetics. This innovative resin-based ceramic is designed to mimic...

    Regular price $210.00 USD
    Sale price $210.00 USD Regular price
  • Cadcam lithium disilicate milling blocks - high efficiency & supreme aesthetics

    Introducing the CADCAM Glass Ceramic e.max, the perfect choice for high efficiency and high strength restorations. Our Smile Glass ceramics comprise of lithium disilicate, which is...

    Regular price $180.48 USD
    Sale price $180.48 USD Regular price
  • Super high translucent zirconia block | 46% translucency | 1000mpa high strength

    Introducing our Super High Translucent Zirconia Block, the perfect solution for achieving outstanding aesthetics and strength in dental prosthetics. With an impressive translucency rate of 46%,...

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  • Pmma disc - open cadcam system- easy to mill, residue-free burnout, high edge strength

         Enhance your dental lab productivity with our CADCAM Wax Blanks. Designed for precise milling, our wax blanks deliver exceptional results for wax models fabrication....

    Regular price From $20.01 USD
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  • Zirconia block 4d plus multilayer - natural smiles, durability, biocompatible

    Introducing the Zirconia Block 4D Plus Multilayer, a dental prosthetic that exceeds all expectations. With meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled aesthetics, this product will give you a...

    Regular price From $125.47 USD
    Sale price From $125.47 USD Regular price
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