Collection: Burs & Diamonds

Upgrade your dental practice with our premium collection of burs and diamonds. We offer a wide range of high-quality dental burs, including diamond and carbide options, sourced from leading manufacturers. Our collection features 10 exceptional products that will revolutionize your dental procedures. From our Dental Diamond Burs pack, providing 50 high-speed FG burs, to our Composite Polishing Burs kit, equipped with 12 dental finishing bits, we have the tools you need for precise and efficient work. Our FG Carbide Burs offer taper-fissure shapes for versatile use, and our TR Extra Coarse Diamond Burs guarantee exceptional performance with their 1.6mm size. Achieve flawless results with our Brownie Polisher – 12 pieces of high-quality abrasive silicon polishers. Need a reliable mandrel? Our Slow Speed Mandrel set has you covered with five durable pieces per order. With benefits like long lifespan and a 2.35mm Shank, our Diamond Burs Set is a must-have for any dental operative. Finally, our TR Series Dental Diamond Burs set makes sure you have a versatile collection of 50 burs at your fingertips. Upgrade your dental equipment today and experience the remarkable difference our burs and diamonds will make in your practice. Explore our collection now and unlock a new level of precision and performance. Order with us and redefine excellence in dental care!