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Top 10 Dental Resin Cements for Cementing Porcelain Restorations

Gabriela Tejada|

     Cementing porcelain restorations in dentistry demands precision, reliability, and durability. With a myriad of options available, selecting the ideal dental resin cement can be overwhelming. This comprehensive review delves into the top 10 dental resin cements renowned for their efficacy in cementing porcelain restorations, providing valuable insights for dental professionals seeking the best products for their practice.

1. RelyX™ Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement by 3M ESPE:
- Recognized for its exceptional bond strength and versatility, RelyX™ Ultimate is a go-to choice for clinicians worldwide.
- Its dual-cure capability ensures reliable bonding even in areas with limited light exposure, enhancing procedural flexibility.
- With low film thickness and high radiopacity, it delivers optimal marginal adaptation and diagnostic visibility, ensuring precise placement.

2. Variolink® Esthetic by Ivoclar Vivadent:
- Engineered specifically for esthetic restorations, Variolink® Esthetic excels in color stability and blending, achieving natural-looking results.
- Its user-friendly handling and extended work time facilitate precise placement and adjustments, ideal for complex cases.
- The nano-hybrid formulation ensures dependable adhesion to enamel and dentin, contributing to long-lasting restorations.

3. Calibra® Universal by Dentsply Sirona:
- Known for its simplified application and superior aesthetics, Calibra® Universal is favored by clinicians for cementing porcelain restorations.
- Its innovative self-etching primer streamlines the bonding process, saving time and reducing post-operative sensitivity risks.
- With high bond strength and excellent color stability, it provides reliable outcomes while preserving restoration esthetics.

4. CLEARFIL™ Esthetic Cement by Kuraray Noritake Dental:
- Engineered for optimal esthetics and durability, CLEARFIL™ Esthetic Cement offers exceptional color stability and translucency, seamlessly integrating with natural tooth structure.
- Its dual-cure formula ensures reliable adhesion in all situations, including areas inaccessible to light curing, ensuring predictable outcomes.
- The low film thickness and easy cleanup enhance procedural efficiency without compromising quality.

5. VARIOLINK® Veneer by Ivoclar Vivadent:
- Tailored for veneer cementation, VARIOLINK® Veneer delivers precise shade matching and exceptional bond strength, ensuring predictable and long-lasting results.
- Its thixotropic consistency facilitates easy handling and precise placement, minimizing the risk of post-operative complications.
- With a wide range of shades and superior color stability, it provides clinicians with the versatility to achieve optimal esthetics in diverse clinical scenarios.

6. Multilink Automix by Ivoclar Vivadent:
- Renowned for its reliable bond strength and easy handling, Multilink Automix is a popular choice for cementing porcelain restorations.
- Its automix syringe delivery system simplifies the mixing process, ensuring consistent and homogenous cement application.
- With excellent color stability and high radiopacity, it offers predictable outcomes and enhanced diagnostic visibility.

7. NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation by Kerr Dental:
- Known for its excellent bond strength and versatility, NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation provides reliable adhesion in various clinical situations.
- Its dual-cure formula ensures thorough polymerization, even in areas inaccessible to light curing, ensuring durable restorations.
- With low film thickness and easy cleanup, it facilitates efficient cementation procedures without compromising on quality.

8. Panavia™ V5 by Kuraray Noritake Dental:
- Engineered for high bond strength and esthetic excellence, Panavia™ V5 offers predictable outcomes in cementing porcelain restorations.
- Its simplified application protocol and extended work time enable clinicians to achieve precise placement and adjustments.
- With exceptional color stability and radiopacity, it ensures seamless integration with natural tooth structure and enhanced diagnostic visibility.

9. RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix Self-Adhesive Resin Cement by 3M ESPE:
- Renowned for its simplicity and reliability, RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix simplifies the cementation process without compromising bond strength.
- Its self-adhesive properties eliminate the need for separate etching and bonding steps, saving time and reducing procedural complexity.
- With high bond strength and moisture tolerance, it delivers predictable results in various clinical situations, ensuring patient satisfaction.

10. Maxcem Elite™ Chroma by Kerr Dental:
- Tailored for esthetic restorations, Maxcem Elite™ Chroma offers exceptional color stability and blending, ensuring seamless integration with natural dentition.
- Its advanced color cleanup technology facilitates easy removal of excess cement, minimizing post-operative complications.
- With high bond strength and moisture tolerance, it provides reliable adhesion in challenging clinical scenarios, ensuring long-term restoration success.

      Selecting the appropriate dental resin cement is paramount for achieving successful and long-lasting porcelain restorations. The top 10 products highlighted in this review offer superior bond strength, esthetic excellence, and ease of use, making them indispensable tools for dental practitioners. By incorporating these trusted cements into their armamentarium, clinicians can ensure predictable outcomes and meet the esthetic and functional demands of their patients with confidence.
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