Collection: X-ray equipment & accessories

Looking for high-quality X-ray equipment? Look no further than our X-Ray collection! Designed for dental professionals, this collection features advanced technology and essential accessories. Discover the revolutionary Woodpecker Mini Ai Portable X-ray Unit, offering powerful imaging capabilities in a compact size. Enhance your patient's comfort with the Nanopix by Eighteeth X-ray RVG Sensor, delivering clear and accurate results. For precise positioning, our Dental X-Ray Film Positioning Kit with Aiming Rings and Bite Blocks ensures optimal image capture. With our X-Ray collection, you can elevate your practice's diagnostic capabilities and provide exceptional patient care. Explore our range of X-ray equipment & accessories. 
  • Perfect-align periapical digital x-ray sensor positioner system

    Upgrade your dental practice with the advanced Periapical Xray Sensor Holder System. This innovative PVC Dental Xray Sensor Positioner Holder, available in Yellow, Blue, Green, facilitates...

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    House brand dental x-ray sensor holder system

    Enhance your dental practice with this Durable Colorful Dental X-ray Sensor Holder, designed for Kavo sensors. Fully autoclavable up to 130C, this holder ensures product longevity...

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  • Dental rvg sensor positioner system - precision x-ray imaging kit

    Enhance your dental imaging capabilities with the Precision Dental Imaging Sensor Positioner Holder System. This comprehensive set of 10 high-quality pieces is designed to master the...

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    Portable xray unit - 60kv tube voltage, high-definition imaging, and 950mah battery capacity

    Introducing our cutting-edge Portable Dental Xray Machine, the perfect solution for dental professionals on the go. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this high-tech device...

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  • Woodpecker mini ai portable x-ray unit with 2.8" touch screen & 15000mah battery

    Introducing the Woodpecker Mini Ai Portable X Ray Unit, a cutting-edge solution for efficient and reliable dental imaging. This portable X-ray unit is designed to offer...

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  • Nanopix by eighteeth 4.4mm x-ray rvg sensor - digital xray sensor

    The Nanopix by Eighteeth X-ray RVG Sensor is a cutting-edge digital xray sensor that revolutionizes dental imaging. With its advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, it provides...

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  • Dental x-ray film positioning kit with aiming rings and bite blocks - dental xray film positioning kit

    The Dental Xray Film Positioning Kit is an essential tool for dental professionals seeking precise and accurate film alignment. This kit is designed to accommodate all...

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