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Welcome to our Endodontics collection, where we provide top-notch tools and instruments for successful root canal treatments. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our products guarantee precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal outcomes for both patients and practitioners. Discover the SMART-I PILOT, a game-changer in endodontic handpieces. With its wireless design and LED lamp, you'll have unparalleled freedom and visibility during procedures. Plus, it boasts an integrated apex locator for accurate length determination, simplifying your workflow and saving you time. Another must-have in this collection is our Endo Pluggers. Crafted with flexibility and durability in mind, these instruments are ideal for root canal filling. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, allowing you to deliver precise and reliable results every time. Explore our Endodontics collection for innovative tools that enhance your endodontic practice. Invest in quality and elevate your dental expertise to new heights.

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    Multipurpose curved utility syringe - 12ml /10pack

    Revolutionize your dental care routine with this Great Value 10 Pack Dental Syringes with Curved Tip. Featuring professional medical grade material, measurement scale, and wide usage...

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    Sale price $9.30 USD Regular price $13.95 USD
  • Dentsply protaper retreatment files assortment kit d1-d2-d3 6/pk

    Efficiently remove filling material with the Dentsply ProTaper Retreatment Files Assortment Kit. Designed for root canal retreatment, these NiTi files in D1-D3 models operate at speeds...

    Regular price $43.42 USD
    Sale price $43.42 USD Regular price
  • Apex cal - calcium hydroxide root canal disinfection paste

    Discover the advanced root canal disinfection solution with ApexCal, the leading Calcium Hydroxide paste in dental care. Specifically formulated with a pH level exceeding 12.5, this...

    Regular price $156.26 USD
    Sale price $156.26 USD Regular price
  • 8-hole endo file holder for dental drills - sterilizable with memory & measuring function

    Discover the ultimate solution for your endodontic procedures with the versatile 8-Hole Endo File Holder for Dental Drills. This sterilizable holder not only ensures a hygienic...

    Regular price $14.00 USD
    Sale price $14.00 USD Regular price
  • Enp nroot sealer - bioactive bioceramic root canal sealer with high x-ray resistance | non-staining & resin-free | 2g syringe & intra canal tips

    Introducing the Bioceramic ENDO Sealer, your ultimate solution for all root canal procedures. With its innovative bioactive formula, this sealer provides lasting results that you can...

    Regular price $74.90 USD
    Sale price $74.90 USD Regular price
  • Niti rotary files - shaping & cleaning root canals

    Our Niti Rotary Files - Shaping & Cleaning Root Canals are the perfect solution for efficient and effective root canal treatment. Made with a durable nickel-titanium...

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    Sale price $41.42 USD Regular price
  • Vericom well-paste: calcium sulfate root canal filling material - 2g with barium sulfate

    Key features/selling points: 1. Long-lasting protection 2. Easy to use syringe 3. Biocompatible with tissues 4. Antimicrobial properties 5. High flowability for precise placement Descrition:  Dental...

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  • Dental s-files: 60-pack stainless steel root canal files

    Key features/selling points: 1. High Quality Stainless Steel 2. Flexible & Fracture Resistant 3. Diamond-Shaped Cross Section 4. Multiple Sizes Available 5. Convenient Single Model Packs...

    Regular price $28.92 USD
    Sale price $28.92 USD Regular price
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