Collection: Cements & Liners

Discover a range of high-quality cements and liners that will elevate your dental procedures to new heights. Our carefully curated collection features top-notch products designed to provide exceptional performance and lasting results. Whether you're looking for temporary cement, adhesive resin cement, or versatile dental base material, we have you covered. Experience the precision and reliability of Provicol Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement, ensuring optimal stability for your restorations. Explore the innovative 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement, renowned for its strong bond and easy handling. Enhance your restorative work with the exceptional Kerr Maxcem Elite Chroma Universal Resin Cement, offering enhanced bond strength and color cleanup indicator. We understand the importance of efficiency and convenience in your practice, which is why we offer products like DMG PermaCem- Smartmix Dual and DMG Ionosit Baseliner, designed for easy application and reliable performance. Discover the superior strength and durability of Ultimate NX3 by Kerr Restorative, providing long-lasting results you can trust. Upgrade your orthodontic bonding with the reliable and efficient 3M Transbond PLUS Adhesive, ensuring precise placement and excellent bond strength. Simplify your cementing process with the hassle-free RELYX LUTING-3m Cement Kit and RELYX Luting Plus Clicker Dispenser, delivering consistent results with ease. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your dental procedures. Explore our collection, and elevate your practice with premium cements and liners that deliver outstanding clinical outcomes. Trust in our selection to enhance your restorations and exceed your patients' expectations.
  • Non-eugenol temporary cement - 25g tube base & catalyst

    Introducing our Provicol Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement - a reliable solution for all your temporary dental needs. This high-quality cement is designed to provide secure adhesion while...

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  • 3m™ relyx™ ultimate adhesive resin cement complete kit

    When it comes to reliable and versatile dental cementation, the 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement Complete Kit is the top choice for dental professionals. This...

    Regular price $308.42 USD
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    Dmg permacem smartmix dual self-curing dental composite cement

    Introducing the DMG PermaCem- Smartmix Dual, the ultimate solution for all your dental cementation needs. This innovative product offers dual self-curing technology, ensuring a strong and...

    Regular price $175.72 USD
    Sale price $175.72 USD Regular price $263.58 USD
  • Nx3 kerr restorative - versatile bonding system for strong & aesthetic results

    The NX3 Kerr Restorative is the ultimate solution for all your restorative needs. With its versatile bonding system and superior performance, it delivers strong and aesthetic...

    Regular price $159.99 USD
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  • 3m transbond plus adhesive for orthodontic bonding -

    Introducing the revolutionary 3M Transbond PLUS Adhesive for Orthodontic Bonding, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient bracket placement. This advanced adhesive offers exceptional bond strength...

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  • Dmg ionosit baseliner: versatile dental base material -20/box

    Introducing the DMG Ionosit Baseliner, the perfect solution for preventing microleakage and ensuring long-lasting dental restorations. This single component microexpansion agent bonds to both dentin and...

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    Kerr maxcem elite chroma universal resin cement - enhanced bond strength & color cleanup indicator

    Kerr Maxcem Elite Chroma is a revolutionary Universal Resin Cement that sets a new standard in dental technology. It is the first and only Self-Etch/Self-Adhesive resin...

    Regular price $170.29 USD
    Sale price $170.29 USD Regular price $197.07 USD
  • Rely x luting plus - two 11g clicker dispenser (refill)

    The RELYX Luting Plus - Two 11g Clicker Dispenser (Refill) is the perfect solution for routine permanent cementation. With its advanced resin-modified glass ionomer formula, this...

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