Collection: Miscellaneous Dental Supplies

Welcome to our Miscellaneous collection, filled with essential and innovative dental products. Explore our range of high-quality items, designed to enhance your dental practice. Discover the stainless steel disinfecting operative jars that ensure a clean and sterile environment. Equip yourself with the molt mouth gag, fitted with silicone replacement tips for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Our mouth prop silicone set offers three different sizes to cater to your patients' needs. Experience precise water distribution with our autoclavable air water syringe tips, made of durable stainless steel. Improve patient comfort with our mouth prop silicone occlusal bite blocks, available in a box of six. Finally, upgrade your dental equipment with our 3-way air water syringe handpiece kit, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring stainless steel nozzles. With our collection, you'll have the tools to ensure a seamless and efficient dental experience. Shop now and elevate your dental practice to new heights.Miscellaneous Dental Supplies
  • Disposable optradam dental rubber dam 10pcs

    Enhance Dental Procedures with Optradam Disposable Dental Rubber DamUpgrade your dental practice with the GISTARMED Disposable Dental Rubber Dam 10Pcs. These high-quality, medium-sized rubber dams feature...

    Regular price $25.80 USD
    Sale price $25.80 USD Regular price
  • Ptfe isolation tape - high-quality sealant for dental use

     Made from high-quality PTFE material, our Isolation Tape is oil-free and perfect for affective isolation of adjacent teeth during cementation or application of adhesives. With its...

    Regular price From $5.99 USD
    Sale price From $5.99 USD Regular price
  • Tooth shaped patient hand mirror

    Key features/selling points: 1. Unbreakable PVC material 2. Portable and lightweight 3. Unique tooth-shaped design 4. Suitable for dental exams and makeup 5. Variety of colors...

    Regular price $9.99 USD
    Sale price $9.99 USD Regular price
  • Durable glass dappen dish for acrylic

    The Dappen Dish is a high-quality nail art tool that is essential for every professional nail technician, salon, and even for home use. Made with durable...

    Regular price $12.42 USD
    Sale price $12.42 USD Regular price
  • Disposable dental dappen dishes - 100 pcs/pack - multi-purpose, hygienic & easy-grip

    Introducing the Disposable Dental Dappen Dishes, a must-have product for all dental professionals. These high-quality dishes come in a pack of 100, ensuring you have an...

    Regular price $19.26 USD
    Sale price $19.26 USD Regular price
  • Composite dispenser organizer - clear acrylic storage solution, space-saving design - 1pc pack, syringes & accessories not included

    Built with solid clear acrylic for long-lasting quality and aesthetic appeal, the Composite Dispenser Organizer is a must-have for any workspace. Made with the finest quality...

    Regular price From $30.98 USD
    Sale price From $30.98 USD Regular price
  • Veneer storage box - 4 holes, high quality plastic, light-proof cover

    Key features/selling points: 1. Durable plastic material 2. 4 small cells for organization 3. Light-proof cover for UV protection 4. Efficient premixing and dispensing 5. Suitable...

    Regular price $19.42 USD
    Sale price $19.42 USD Regular price
  • Stainless steel disinfecting operative jars

    Key features/selling points: 1) High-quality stainless steel construction 2) Hygienic and easy to clean 3) Secure lip on tray for safety 4) Designed for limited-space surgical...

    Regular price From $14.96 USD
    Sale price From $14.96 USD Regular price
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