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Diamond Burs-Long Shank -Set for High Speed Handpieces - 10 pcs

Diamond Burs-Long Shank -Set for High Speed Handpieces - 10 pcs

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Key features/selling points:


1. High Speed: Faster dental procedures

2. Precision Cutting: Accurate and efficient

3. Versatile: 6 types of burs for various procedures

4. Durable: Long-lasting and reliable

5. Whitening & Smoothing: Improves oral health and appearance



Introducing our High Speed Handpiece Burs, the ultimate dental tool for all your needs. With 6 types to choose from, including BR1901, BR1902, BR1903, 1804IV, 1805TA, and 1806, our burs are designed to solve all your dental problems. Each set comes with 10 burs, except for 1806 which has 5, making it the perfect fit for any dental procedure. Our burs are of premium quality and are a best seller among dental instruments. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer, available for a limited time only. Upgrade your dental practice with our High Speed Handpiece Burs today!

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