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Welcome to our Matrix Material collection, where you'll discover a comprehensive range of high-quality dental accessories designed to enhance your practice. Our collection features a variety of essential products to elevate your dental procedures. From the precise fit of our Contoured Matrices Pliers to the reliable Autoclavable Dental Matrix Bands, our materials are crafted with professional-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Our Rubber Dam Frames and Wedges provide optimal isolation for improved treatment outcomes. Efficiency and convenience are at the heart of our Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix Bands and Clear Resin Matrix Bands. Experience streamlined restorations and reduced gingival overhangs with these innovative solutions. Our Dental Matrix Ring Set offers a user-friendly design that simplifies matrix placement, promoting a seamless workflow. And with our high-quality Contoured Matrix Refill, you can trust in consistent results. Explore the possibilities of our Matrix Material collection and elevate your dental practice with these reliable instruments. Experience the difference today.

  • Rubber dam frame - plastic

    Key features/selling points: 1. Carbon fiber material 2. High traction comfort 3. Round, safe cone thorn 4. Convenient and firm hanging 5. Autoclavable, high quality Description:...

    Regular price From $21.50 USD
    Sale price From $21.50 USD Regular price
  • Disposable optradam dental rubber dam 10pcs

    Enhance Dental Procedures with Optradam Disposable Dental Rubber DamUpgrade your dental practice with the GISTARMED Disposable Dental Rubber Dam 10Pcs. These high-quality, medium-sized rubber dams feature...

    Regular price $25.80 USD
    Sale price $25.80 USD Regular price
  • 33% off

    Dental contoured matrix system - premium niti clamp ring

    Revolutionize your dental procedures with this Premium NiTi Clamp Ring Dental Matrix System. Designed for stability and durability, this system features a variety of advantages including...

    Regular price From $71.08 USD
    Sale price From $71.08 USD Regular price $106.62 USD
  • Dental twin anterior matrices - 30pcs/box

    Key features/selling points: 1. Ultimate Precision: Achieve perfect anterior tooth restoration with our contoured metal and polyester matrices. 2. Durable Design: Autoclavable up to 135°C, our...

    Regular price From $19.60 USD
    Sale price From $19.60 USD Regular price
  • Premium rubber dam sheets - natural rubber latex , 36 sheets per box

    Key features/selling points: 1. "36pcs Latex Rubber Dam Sheets 2. "Multiple Color Options 3. "Protects Teeth & Soft Tissues 4. "Professional Use Only 5. Superior Isolation...

    Regular price $30.34 USD
    Sale price $30.34 USD Regular price
  • Dental clamp forceps with sectional contoured metal matrices plier - stainless steel - 1 piece

    The Dental Clamp Forceps are a must-have tool for any dental professional. These forceps are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Featuring...

    Regular price $42.42 USD
    Sale price $42.42 USD Regular price
  • Contoured matrices pliers - stainless steel - dentistry accessories

    Key features/selling points:   1. Versatile: Multiple uses for dental procedures. 2. Durable: Made of high-quality stainless steel for long-term use. 3. Precise: Offers ideal shape...

    Regular price $53.42 USD
    Sale price $53.42 USD Regular price
  • Dental rubber dam frame holder - autoclavable stainless steel instrument

    Key features/selling points: 1. Durable Stainless Steel Material 2. Fully Autoclavable & Reusable 3. Precision & Flexibility in Use 4. Optimal Aesthetics & Corrosion Resistance 5....

    Regular price $28.95 USD
    Sale price $28.95 USD Regular price
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