Collection: Crown & Bridge

Welcome to our exclusive Crown & Bridge collection, where excellence meets aesthetics. Designed for dental professionals, this meticulously curated assortment offers the finest materials for creating durable and stunning restorations. Discover the DMG Luxatemp Automix Plus, a breakthrough in dental temporary crown material. Its advanced formulation ensures precise fit, exceptional strength, and remarkable esthetics. Available in an exquisite A2 shade, it seamlessly blends with natural dentition, enhancing patient satisfaction. For unparalleled temporization, explore the Protemp Plus by 3M ESPE. Crafted with advanced resin technology, it provides durability and optimal aesthetics, ensuring a reliable and comfortable temporary restoration experience. Embrace the future of crown and bridge with our transformative collection. Each product is thoughtfully chosen to deliver durability, esthetics, and patient satisfaction. Unleash your creativity and elevate your dental practice with our cutting-edge materials. Choose excellence with our Crown & Bridge collection and achieve lasting smiles.