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Dental RVG Sensor Positioner System - Precision X-ray Imaging Kit

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Enhance your dental imaging capabilities with the Precision Dental Imaging Sensor Positioner Holder System. This comprehensive set of 10 high-quality pieces is designed to master the art of capturing precise intraoral X-ray images efficiently.

The Sensor Positioner System utilizes the paralleling principle to ensure accurate imaging of anterior, posterior, and bitewing areas. Each component is color-coded for quick and convenient tooth position recognition, allowing for efficient workflow in your practice.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sensor Positioner System:

  • Professional-grade precision for superior dental imaging results
  • Compact and ergonomic design for comfortable and easy handling

Ensure secure sensor placement without the risk of damage, thanks to the rubber gaskets integrated into the system. The compact holder allows for precise sensor placement, guaranteeing optimal imaging quality for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Follow these simple steps to maximize the effectiveness of the Sensor Positioner System:

  1. Install the dedicated positioning bar on the intraoral bite block for stability.
  2. Utilize the color-coded components to match tooth positions accurately.
  3. Connect the external aiming ring for precise alignment before capturing images.
  4. Ensure a gentle yet firm hold using the rubber gaskets to secure the sensor in place.
  5. Disassemble the locking block for autoclaving to maintain hygiene standards.

Experience the assurance of mastering dental imaging with precision and ease using the Sensor Positioner System. Elevate your practice's diagnostic capabilities by investing in this essential tool for quality patient care.

Order the Precision Dental Imaging Sensor Positioner Holder System today and revolutionize your dental practice with enhanced imaging precision.

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