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Woodpecker Mini Ai Portable X-Ray Unit with 2.8" Touch Screen & 15000mAh Battery

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Introducing the Woodpecker Mini Ai Portable X Ray Unit, a cutting-edge solution for efficient and reliable dental imaging. This portable X-ray unit is designed to offer superior performance and convenience for dental practitioners.

With the Woodpecker Mini Ai Portable X Ray Unit, you can expect:

  • Super high performance with emission power up to 210W
  • Shorter exposure time for quick and accurate photography of various tooth positions

Experience ease of operation with the built-in remote control receiving circuit and holder interface, allowing seamless connectivity with wired remote controllers. The unit offers a variety of photographic methods, enhancing safety and simplifying the imaging process.

Enjoy detailed dental films with the 0.4mm focus X-ray tube, providing high-quality and clear images for precise diagnostic needs. The high-capacity 15000mAh lithium battery ensures longer endurance, allowing for more than 1,500 dental films to be taken on a full charge. Additionally, the unit takes only 4 hours to fully charge, maximizing efficiency.

For maximum efficiency and safety, the Woodpecker Mini Ai features constant DC high frequency and voltage current output, ensuring stable X-ray output unaffected by battery voltage fluctuations. The unit's unique internal design and lead shield efficiently minimize X-ray leakage, offering optimal protection for operators from ionizing radiation. The 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen further enhances usability.

  • Constant DC high frequency and voltage current output
  • Efficient X-ray leakage minimization for operator safety

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