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Diamond Burs Extra Coarse -High Speed Bur 1.6mm / 10pcs per bag

Diamond Burs Extra Coarse -High Speed Bur 1.6mm / 10pcs per bag

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Ensure precise and efficient dental procedures with our TR Extra Coarse Diamond Burs FG High Speed Bur. Designed for high-speed handpieces, these burs provide exceptional quality and durability, allowing you to deliver optimal results for your patients.

With a diameter of 1.6mm, these diamond burs are perfect for precise and controlled drilling. The extra coarse grit ensures efficient material removal, reducing procedure time and minimizing patient discomfort.

  • High-Quality Performance: Our diamond burs are crafted to deliver outstanding performance and longevity. The high-grade stainless steel construction ensures durability and sharpness, maintaining efficiency throughout multiple uses.
  • Pack of 10: Each purchase includes a package of 10 burs, offering excellent value for money. This allows you to maintain a ready supply of burs, ensuring uninterrupted procedures and minimal downtime.

With a maximum speed of 450,000r/min, these burs provide optimal cutting speed, contributing to precise and efficient dental work. Whether you're performing crown preparations, cavity preparations, or other dental procedures, these diamond burs will meet and exceed your expectations.

Invest in the TR Extra Coarse Diamond Burs FG High Speed Bur for superior cutting performance and reliable results. Trust in our high-quality burs to enhance your dental practice and fulfill your patients' needs.

Coarse Diamond Burs

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