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Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer - Enhanced Bond Strength for Zirconia, Alumina & Metal

Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer - Enhanced Bond Strength for Zirconia, Alumina & Metal

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The Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer is a game-changing solution that enhances bond strengths in dental repair. With its advanced formula and single-bottle convenience, this primer delivers exceptional results and unmatched versatility.

Featuring a unique combination of active monomers, including MDP and BPDM, the Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer offers enhanced bond strength to various substrates such as zirconia, alumina, and metal. This ensures a strong and durable bond, providing long-lasting restorations.

One of the key features of this primer is its enhanced bond strength. It is specifically formulated to maximize bond strength, ensuring reliable and durable dental restorations. Whether you are working with zirconia, alumina, or metal substrates, this primer seamlessly adapts to different dental repair needs.

Not only does the Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer excel in bond strength, but it is also compatible with both light-cured and dual-cured resin cements. This versatility ensures that dental professionals can easily incorporate it into their existing workflows without any disruption.

Upgrade to the Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer today and experience the difference in your dental restorations. With its superior bond strength and compatibility with a wide range of substrates, it is the go-to choice for professional dental repairs. Make your dental work stand out with Z-Prime Plus.

  • Enhanced bond strength
  • Versatile with different substrates

If you're looking for a primer that offers exceptional bond strength, compatibility with a variety of substrates, and is convenient to use, look no further than the Z-Prime Plus Dental Primer. It is the perfect choice for dental professionals who want reliable and long-lasting results.

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