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VITA Toothshade 3D-Master Dental Lab Teeth Guide - 29 Color Shades Toothguide

VITA Toothshade 3D-Master Dental Lab Teeth Guide - 29 Color Shades Toothguide

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The VITA Toothshade 3D-Master is an essential tool for dental labs and professionals looking to create accurate and natural-looking dentures. With its 29 color shades, this tooth guide provides a comprehensive range of options for matching the color of prosthetic teeth to the patient's natural teeth.

Featuring a user-friendly design, the VITA Toothshade 3D-Master is easy to navigate and utilizes a standardized color system to ensure consistent and reliable results. This dental laboratory equipment is a valuable asset for creating dentures that seamlessly blend with the patient's existing teeth.

With the VITA Toothshade 3D-Master, dental professionals can achieve precise shade selection with confidence. The included images showcase the high-quality design and construction of the tooth guide, allowing for accurate color visualization..

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive range of 29 color shades
  • User-friendly design for easy shade selection

Whether you are a dental lab technician or a dentist, the VITA Toothshade 3D-Master is a valuable addition to your dental equipment. Deliver exceptional results with prosthetic teeth that seamlessly match the patient's natural dentition. Invest in this reliable and accurate tool to enhance your dental practice and provide patients with dentures that not only restore their smiles but also provide a natural appearance. 

VITA Toothshade 3D-Master

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