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Rubber Dam Frame - Plastic

Rubber Dam Frame - Plastic

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Key features/selling points:

1. Carbon fiber material

2. High traction comfort

3. Round, safe cone thorn

4. Convenient and firm hanging

5. Autoclavable, high quality



Introducing our 1PC Dental Rubber Dam Frame Holder, the ultimate solution for dentists looking for a high-quality and reliable tool. Made from premium carbon fiber, this holder is incredibly durable and will not deform over time. It provides high traction comfort for patients, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. The round tip of the cone thorn prevents any skin piercing. The medium-sized bracket allows for convenient hanging of cloth to form a water pocket, while the widened lower wall accommodates a larger space. This holder is also autoclavable, making it easy to clean and maintain. Available in three sizes (100mm, 105mm, and 110mm), this holder is a must-have for any dental office. Upgrade your oral barrier tools with our Dental Rubber Dam Frame Holder today!

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