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Wireless Woodpecker Prophy Handpiece - Portable with Bluetooth Wireless Pedal and Adjustable Speed Settings (6 Gears)

Wireless Woodpecker Prophy Handpiece - Portable with Bluetooth Wireless Pedal and Adjustable Speed Settings (6 Gears)

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The i-Prophy - Wireless Woodpecker Prophy Handpiece is a cutting-edge dental tool designed to provide efficient and comfortable teeth prophylaxis. This portable prophy handpiece is equipped with advanced features that make it a must-have for any dental practice.

Made for easy operation, the wireless dual control ensures convenience and flexibility during procedures. The anti-skid design of the wireless handle, with its 18mm diameter and fish scale pattern soft glue, guarantees a secure grip and optimal control.

With wireless charging capability, this handpiece boasts a large capacity lithium battery of 750mAh. This ensures a working time of 3 hours, meaning you can complete up to 60 treatments on a single charge.

One of the standout features of this prophy handpiece is its fixed gear in handle key control mode. With precise adjustment options, you can select from 6 different stable speeds ranging from 500rpm to 4000rpm, allowing for tailored treatment according to the specific needs of each patient.

The inclusion of a Bluetooth wireless pedal eliminates control wire entanglement, offering freedom and ease of operation. This allows for random placement of the pedal while ensuring seamless control.

Enhancing patient comfort is a top priority, and this handpiece achieves it through its small nose design. By slowing the mouth opening, it significantly improves the treatment experience, making it more comfortable for patients.

Program control compensates for any reduction in motor speed caused by friction during use, ensuring stable and consistent performance. The utilization of a high precision planetary gear motor guarantees accurate output.

In addition to its remarkable functionalities, this handpiece stands out due to its superior comfort and quieter operation. Unlike traditional pneumatic slow machines, it is motor-driven, resulting in reduced noise levels.

Choose the i-Prophy - Wireless Woodpecker Prophy Handpiece for exceptional performance, enhanced patient comfort, and efficient teeth prophylaxis. Invest in this portable prophy handpiece and elevate your dental practice to new heights.

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