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Monolayer PMMA 98mm Disc - Dental CAD CAM Flexible Acetal Resin Block

Monolayer PMMA 98mm Disc - Dental CAD CAM Flexible Acetal Resin Block

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The Monolayer PMMA 98MM Disc is a high-quality dental disc designed for CAD CAM dental applications. Made from Monolayer PMMA, this disc offers exceptional strength and durability for long-lasting dental restorations. The disc has a diameter of 98mm, providing ample material for a variety of dental procedures.

With its precise and reliable performance, the Monolayer PMMA disc ensures accurate fabrication of dental restorations. Whether you are creating crowns, bridges, or other dental prosthetics, this disc delivers excellent results every time.

In addition to its superior performance, the Monolayer PMMA disc offers several key features and benefits:

  • High Strength: The Monolayer PMMA disc has a mechanical strength of 90 MPa, providing exceptional resistance to wear and tear.
  • Wide Compatibility: This disc is compatible with various CAD CAM systems, making it a versatile choice for dental laboratories.
Monolayer PMMA Disc

Typical Mechanical Properties:

- Mechanical Strength: 90 MPa

- Available in most shades, including bleach

- Clasp on teeth instead of tissue

Invest in the Monolayer PMMA 98MM Disc for your dental laboratory and experience the difference in quality and performance. Create precise and durable dental restorations with ease and confidence. Order your disc today and take your dental practice to new heights.

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