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lcon DMG America- Smooth Proximal Mini Kit. Caries Infiltrant Resin with High Penetration

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Product Description

lcon DMG America dental penetrating resin is an innovative product for the minimally invasive treatment of caries on the adjacent surfaces as well as on the lips and cheeks. How can white spots on smooth surfaces be treated with esthetically satisfying results but without complex invasive intervention? The answer: by caries infiltration with Icon. After prior treatment with an etching gel, the ‘infiltrant’, a highly fluid synthetic material, is applied onto the affected areas. It is absorbed deep into the porous enamel by capillary force and is then light-cured. Filled with the infiltrant, which optically resembles enamel, the white spots esthetically blend in to the healthy tooth surface.

Packaged for use in two different treatment areas, lcon Vestibular is suitable for the treatment of caries on the lip and cheek surfaces in orthodontic patients after bracket removal.


Acid etching agent: hydrochloric acid, coked silicic acid, surface-active substances Drying agent: 99% ethanol Penetrating resin: methacrylic acid methacrylate resin matrix, initiator, additives


Product list

Icon Etchant 0.3ml x 1

Desiccant 0.45ml x 1

Penetrating resin 0.45ml x 1

Vestibular-Tip Injection Tip x 6

Luer-Lock-Tip Injection Tip x 1


Product Use

For the treatment of caries on the lip and cheek surfaces of orthodontic patients after bracket removal.

Classification of caries depth*Classification of caries depth based on bitewing examination

lcon Dental Penetrating Resin (Lip and Cheek Caries)

For the treatment of caries on the lip and cheek after removal of brackets in orthodontic patients.

lcon Dental Penetrating Resins (Oral Caries)

Suitable for hard tissue preservation treatment of early stage adjacent caries, with patented special injection head that allows easy access to the treatment area without drilling or grinding the tooth.

Characteristics of the product

1、It can inhibit the development of early caries.

2、The initial lesion diagnosis and evaluation can be treated immediately without waiting for restorative treatment to become inevitable.

3、Preserving healthy hard tissues and prolonging the life of teeth

4、Treatment without anesthesia and drilling and grinding

5、It can be used for the aesthetic treatment of enamel white plaque.


Product use

Caries depth classification

Classification of the depth of caries according to the bitewing slide examination

The material shall not be used in the following cases.

1. Deep caries with cavity-type enamel (enamel defects)

2. Allergy to one of the components or contact allergy



1. Clean the affected and neighboring teeth before treatment. Remove cleaning residues with a water jet

2. Adequate drying is decisive for the efficacy of the treatment. Therefore, appropriate measures such as rubber barriers or liquid rubber barriers must be taken. (Please note the manufacturer's instructions and instructions for use. Ensure complete access to the treated caries site)


Exposing the carious area

The highly mineralized surface layer must be removed for optimal healing

3. Attach Smooth Surface-Tip to Icon-Etch Syringe

4. Carefully apply the lcon-Etch to the carious area with a slight surplus by rotating the handle and allow it to act for 2 minutes, move it around and it is ready for use. Remove excess material with a cotton swab. If the patient does not treat the white spot in a timely manner within one to two months of bracket removal, up to three acid etch treatments should be performed

5. Blow out the con-Etch and rinse with water for at least 30 seconds. Followed by blow-drying with a water- and oil-free air gun


Visual inspection

The carious area must be dried thoroughly for optimal healing In this step, the final result is previewed. The acid-etched enamel should fade to a whitish opaque color during infiltration with Icon-Dry. Otherwise, a second and third acid etching should be performed as needed for 2 minutes each, and the tooth should be rinsed and blow-dried again (steps 3-5)


6. Attach the injection tip to the lcon-Dry syringe, apply a slight surplus to the carious area and allow to act for 30 seconds.Drying

The area must be thoroughly dried for optimal efficacy.

7. After visual inspection, blow-dry the carious area with a water and oil free air gun.



After complete drying, allow the Infiltrant to penetrate the carious area

8. Attach a new Smooth Surface-Tip to the Icon lnfiltrant syringe.

(Do not apply the lcon lnfiltrant directly under a surgical light, as this may result in premature curing of the material).9. Rotate the shank to apply the lcon lnfiltrant to the acid-etched area with a slight surplus.


10. Allow the Icon Infiltrant to act for 3 minutes. Move the applicator gently to allow the lcon lnfiltrant to act. (If necessary, add additional doses to enhance the esthetic effect by prolonging the exposure time for up to 6 minutes if the caries is deep and large).

11. Remove excess material with a cotton swab or dental floss

Operating Instructions

*The output wavelength of the light curing system should be 450 nm and the timed detection light power should be at least 800 mW/cm2.

*The light source should be as close as possible to the material

*The etched area must not be touched or contaminated by saliva or moisture before further treatment. If contamination persists after drying, the area must be re-etched for approximately 10 seconds and then re-dried with lcon-Dry.

*Adequate drying is decisive for the efficacy of the treatment. For this reason, a rubber barrier must be used for complete humidity insulation. Rubber barriers made of thermoplastic rubber materials such as Flexi-Dam (Coltene Whaledent/ Hygenic) must not be used.

*Syringes should be discarded after treatment

*White spots formed by surface demineralization have usually been there for some time and may have a thick pseudo-intact surface layer. In this case, a two-minute acid etch may not be sufficient to remove the surface layer, and another acid etch and wash must be performed. The tooth is then dried and penetrated with lcon-Dry.


Safety Precautions for Acid Etching Agents

1. HCl gel can cause corrosive burns. Please keep the application area strictly limited to the surface of the carious tooth to be treated and avoid contacting the gums and neighboring teeth with the acid etching agent.

Adverse effects

1. Use a 450nm light source with a power of at least 800mw/cm2, and keep the light source as close as possible to the surface of the tooth being treated.

2. The enamel surface after etching is white and flat, if it does not show this color, then repeat the etching.

3. The surface of the tooth after etching should not be touched or contaminated by saliva. If the above situation occurs inadvertently, please add about 10 seconds of etching.



Eugenol-containing materials (e.g. temporary crown bonding agents) can inhibit the polymerization of this product.


Storage conditions

Store at room temperature (not exceeding 25°C) and use within the shelf life.

2. Use a fully closed syringe and a matching injection tip to inject the etching gel into the treatment area of the oral cavity to avoid contacting the soft tissues of the oral cavity, eyes and skin. In case of accidental contact with these areas, rinse with plenty of water immediately and consult a specialist if necessary.



1. Use 450nm light source with a power of at least 800mw/cm2, and keep the light source as close as possible to the surface of the tooth to be treated.

2. The surface of enamel after acid etching is white and flat, if it does not show this color, repeat the acid etching.

3. The surface of the tooth after etching should not be touched or contaminated by saliva, if the above situation occurs, please add about 10 seconds of etching.


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