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ENP nRoot Sealer - Bioactive Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer with High X-ray Resistance | Non-Staining & Resin-Free | 2g Syringe & Intra Canal Tips

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Introducing the Bioceramic ENDO Sealer, your ultimate solution for all root canal procedures. With its innovative bioactive formula, this sealer provides lasting results that you can count on. Say goodbye to discolored teeth and damaged enamel, as this non-staining sealer guarantees a flawless finish.

Why choose our Bioceramic ENP nRoot Sealer ? Let us tell you:

  • Bioceramic Formula: Our sealer is crafted with a bioactive bioceramic formula that ensures long-lasting and effective results.
  • High X-ray Resistance: No more blurry or unclear images. Our sealer offers perfect imaging for accurate treatment planning and execution.

The convenience of our pre-mixed syringe and included intra canal tips makes it easy to use, saving you valuable time in your root canal procedures. You no longer have to worry about mixing different components to achieve the perfect consistency. Our sealer comes ready to use, allowing for a seamless workflow.

Our Bioceramic ENDO Sealer is not only effective but also safe for all patients. Its resin-free formula ensures that every patient feels comfortable during and after the procedure, with no adverse reactions or complications.

But that's not all – our sealer also prominently features high x-ray resistance, ensuring that you can capture clear and accurate images. 

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