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E.Max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks - New Non-Firing Ceramic Blocks for Dental Lab (10 Per Order)

E.Max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks - New Non-Firing Ceramic Blocks for Dental Lab (10 Per Order)

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The E.max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks are a top-of-the-line product designed specifically for dental labs. With their advanced non-firing ceramic material, these blocks offer unparalleled quality and precision for CAD CAM applications.

Featuring a revolutionary cutting-edge technology, these blocks can be directly cut into the required repair body and glazed for immediate use. This eliminates the need for sintering, saving valuable time in the dental lab.

When it comes to color matching, the E.max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks deliver outstanding results. They can be easily paired with dyeing solutions, such as IPS e.max Cerm Glaze Paste or VITA AKZENT Plus GLAZE LT, to achieve a seamless blend with lithium-based glass ceramics.

These blocks boast impressive physical and chemical properties, with a three-point bending strength of 250 ± 30 MPa. Additionally, they exhibit excellent biological performance, passing cytotoxicity and hypersensitivity tests with flying colors. Moreover, they show no acute or subchronic systemic toxicity, making them a safe choice for dental professionals.

Designed for compatibility, these blocks can be used with a variety of dental cutting or die-casting equipment. Their versatility makes them an ideal investment for any dental lab looking to enhance their CAD CAM workflow.

Take advantage of the impressive E.max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks and experience the excellence they bring to your dental lab. Order now and revolutionize your dental restorations with this outstanding product.

  • Direct cutting capability for immediate use
  • Compatible with dyeing solutions for color matching

Enhance your dental lab's capabilities with the E.max Cerec CAD CAM Blocks. With their exceptional quality and precision, these blocks are a must-have for any dental professional seeking to deliver superior restorations.

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