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Contouring & Polishing Discs - Mandrel included /Kit 80 disc/box

Contouring & Polishing Discs - Mandrel included /Kit 80 disc/box

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Introducing our Contouring & Polishing Discs - the perfect solution for achieving flawless dental restorations. Included in this kit are 80 discs, carefully color-coded for easy identification of the grit sequence. These discs are designed to provide efficient and effective finishing and polishing for composites, ceramics, and glass ionomer dental restorations.

Our easy-to-use system allows for the creation of high-luster restorations with life-like esthetics. The discs conform to the contours of the teeth, making finishing and polishing a breeze. With their extra thin design, you'll have easier access to interproximal surfaces while still enjoying the benefits of a slightly stiffer disc.

Why choose our Contouring & Polishing Discs Kit?

  • Effortlessly create high-luster restorations with life-like esthetics
  • Color-coded discs for easy identification of the grit sequence

Changing discs has never been easier, saving you valuable time during the restoration process. The discs included in this kit are thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. No need to worry about manual measurements, as our discs have been carefully crafted to meet your exact needs.

Experience convenience and efficiency in your dental practice with our Contouring & Polishing Discs Kit. Trust the precision and performance of our discs to meet your highest expectations


Enhance your dental restorations with our Contouring & Polishing Discs Kit - the superior choice for achieving exceptional results in your practice.

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