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DMG Silagum-Putty Soft Impression Material - Superior Results & Convenient Storage!

DMG Silagum-Putty Soft Impression Material - Superior Results & Convenient Storage!

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Introducing DMG Silagum-Putty, the ultimate solution for all your dental impression needs. Made in Germany, this hand-adjustable soft heavy body silicone rubber impression material is perfect for crown and bridge impressions, inlays, and high inlay impressions.

Experience easy and reliable results with DMG Silagum-Putty. Its superior dimensional stability ensures accurate and precise impressions every time. Say goodbye to distortions and inaccuracies in your dental work.

With its versatile application, DMG Silagum-Putty is suitable for a wide range of dental procedures. Whether you're creating crowns, bridges, or inlays, this impression material delivers consistently excellent results.

Forget about the hassle of storing multiple impression materials. DMG Silagum-Putty comes in a convenient 262ml x 2 size for your clinic's needs. Its compact packaging allows for easy storage and accessibility.

  • Easy to use: DMG Silagum-Putty ensures a smooth and hassle-free application process. Its hand-adjustable properties make it simple to handle, reducing the risk of mistakes.
  • Reliable results: Count on DMG Silagum-Putty to deliver accurate and consistent impressions. Its snap-set properties allow for quick and reliable setting, ensuring reliable results.

Experience the advantages of DMG Silagum-Putty in your dental practice. Made with quality materials, this impression material offers excellent resilience and dimensional stability. Its final hardness has been adjusted for easy removal from the mouth, providing a comfortable experience for patients.

Don't settle for subpar impression materials when it comes to your dental work. Choose DMG Silagum-Putty for a premium and reliable experience. Order now and witness the difference in your dental impressions.

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