Collection: Hemostatic & Retraction Solutions

Explore our Hemostatic & Retraction collection for all your dental needs. From ULTRAPAK Green Knitted Gingival Retraction Cord for precise sizing to Gingival Cord Packers for smooth insertion, we have everything you need for efficient procedures. Our CINCI-RAK-ZTVIST Retraction Cord offers knitted comfort, while the 3M Astringent Retraction Paste ensures reliable results. With high-quality materials and innovative designs, our products make gingival retraction and hemostasis a breeze. Elevate your practice with our diverse range of tools that guarantee precision and patient comfort. Shop now and experience the difference in your dental procedures.

  • Ultradent ultrapak green knitted gingival retraction cord - size 0,00,000

    Experience precise and efficient gingival retraction with the ULTRAPAK Green Knitted Gingival Retraction Cord. Crafted from premium cotton material and equipped with a high carbon steel...

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  • Cord packer - pt55 circlet serrated edge

    Achieve perfect gingival retraction with this High-Quality Stainless Steel Dental Cord Packer. Designed for durability and ease of use, this tool is reusable, rust-resistant, and features...

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  • Cinci-rak -ztvist - retraction cord knitted

    Maximize your dental procedures with this premium Dental Gingival Line Thread Retraction Cord. This knitted cotton cord comes in a bottle with optional sizes 0, 00,...

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  • 3m astringent retraction paste -gingival retraction paste

    Introducing our Astringent Retraction Capsules, the ultimate solution for achieving gingival retraction with unparalleled ease and efficacy. With a value pack containing 100 unit-dose capsules, this...

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