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Sycamore Interdental Wedges - Kit & Refill

Sycamore Interdental Wedges - Kit & Refill

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Key features/selling points:

1. Precise Separation Effect

2. Gingiva-Friendly Design

3. High-Tech Fixing Wedge

4. Customizable Fit

5. Smooth Maple Wood Material



Introducing the Kerr Sycamore Interdental Wedges - the perfect solution for precise and comfortable tooth separation. Our innovative design utilizes high-tech materials to ensure a stable and reliable separation effect for fixed shaped pieces, without causing any damage to the gingiva. The small maple wood wedges are preformed for a perfect fit and can be easily inserted with the square end and upward-pointing design. Experience the benefits of a smooth and stable wedge, exclusively designed to fit the anatomical shape of the tooth neck. Upgrade your dental kit with our best-selling Kerr Sycamore Interdental Wedges today!

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