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Laboratory 3D Printing Resin - 1kg Bottle

Laboratory 3D Printing Resin - 1kg Bottle

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The difference between D01 and D01S

  • Color:D01 is yellow-orange, D01S is seashell

  • D01S is not easy to produce bubbles

  • D01S less shrinkage

  • D01 is more suitable for orthodontic application

D01S is a seashell-colored dental model resin that incorporates unique inorganic fillers for enhanced performance. The printed dental models exhibit a matte surface with a plaster texture, ensuring precise scanning results. In addition, the resin material boasts accurate size, a scratch-resistant surface, extremely low shrinkage rate, and long-lasting stability, making it ideal for printing high-quality restoration, plant, and study dental models. With D01S, you can create dental models with confidence and precision.

▌ Notice

  • When slicing, it is recommended to turn off the anti-aliasing function.This is more conducive to cleaning and more precise dimensions.

▌ Descriptions

  • Very low shrinkage

D01S resin is designed for dental use, and the dental models retain their original size and shape for weeks, so can be easily assembled.

  • High dimensional accuracy

The model for dental applications requires extremely high dimensional accuracy, which directly affects the experience of dentists and patients. After several years of practical application of D01S resin, the printing results are undoubtedly satisfactory to both parties.

  • Hard and wear-resistant surface

D01S is often used to 3D print plug-in dental models, they are not rubbed out of powder during assembly, nor will they be scratched by hard objects.

  • Matte surface and plaster texture

D01S printed dental model has a matte surface and plaster texture, which is easy to observe the edge line of the dental model, and also ensures that the model is accurately scanned.


  • Dental restoration models

  • Dental implant models

  • Dental study models

D01 is a yellow-orange high-precision dental model resin. This resin produces prints with high tolerances, as well as smooth and wear-resistant surfaces. Moreover, it can withstand high temperatures for short periods during the vacuum molding process. It's an ideal material for printing dental models for restoration, implant, study, and orthodontic purposes. Additionally, the prints are very easy to clean, making it a very convenient option.


  • Suitble for vacuum thermoforming

  • Very easy to clean

  • Accurate size, smooth and wear-resistant surface


  • Dental restoration models

  • Dental implant models

  • Dental study models

  • Dental orthodontic models

Cleaning and Post-curing

  • Cleaning: You can use the ethanol(concentration≥95%), or IPA. We recommend cleaning time of no more than 1 minute. After cleaning, use compressed air to dry the prints.

  • Post-curing: If you use a post-curing box with a power of 40W, our recommended post-curing time is about 20min*2 (Adjust the post-curing time according to the power of the post-curing box, the greater the power, the shorter the time). So you can get a dry surface print.Both the front and back of the dental model need to be post-cured to prevent the print from shrinking and deforming

C01 is a transparent green castable resin for dentistry. It is mainly used for direct investment casting of nickel-chromium and cobalt-chromium casting alloys. C01 ensures high precision in both form and dimensional, making it the ideal choice for producing crowns, bridges, and dental brackets that result in a perfect fit every time. This resin's excellent fluidity, speeds up the 3D printing process and produces prints with clear details and high shape accuracy. Additionally, C01 resin has a strong rigidity and does not require post-curing, saving valuable time. The prints also do not need thick supports, and the supports are easily removable, leaving no surface pits and reducing manual grinding time. We provide detailed casting guidance to avoid common "ring cracking" issues and ensure successful casting.


  • Used for direct investment casting

C01 resin is specially designed for dental use, suitable for centrifugal casting at 900°C with no ash residue.

  • High precision

Whether it is form accuracy or dimensional accuracy, C01 is excellent, ensuring that the cast crown, bridge or dental bracket will fit perfectly in the patient's mouth.

  • Excellent fluidity

The viscosity of the resin liquid is only 100mpa.s, which is close to the fluidity of water, which greatly saves the waiting time of the exposure gap and speeds up the 3d printing speed. And the characteristics of low viscosity make the details of the prints clearer and the shape accuracy higher.

  • No post-curing required

C01 resin has high rigidity when it is first formed, and the liquid is easy to clean, and the surface of the printed part is not sticky after washing, so it does not need post-curing, saving time.

  • Supports are easy to remove

Just the right mechanical properties make the C01 prints do not need too thick supports, so the supports are easily wiped off, leaving no pits on the surface, saving manual grinding time.

Compatible 3D Printer

  • All series of Anycubic,Elegoo,Nova3d,Peopoly,Phrozen,Epax,Creality,Zortrax, BIQU, QIDI, UNIZ, Flashforge, Voxelab, Longer, Uniformation etc. UV 395-410nm LCD resin 3D printer

  • All series of Anycubic,Asiga, Solus series, Miicraft, Kudo3d, Flashforge,Makex,Shining etc. UV 385-410nm DLP resin 3D printer

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