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3M Astringent Retraction Paste -Gingival Retraction Paste

3M Astringent Retraction Paste -Gingival Retraction Paste

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Introducing our Astringent Retraction Capsules, the ultimate solution for achieving gingival retraction with unparalleled ease and efficacy. With a value pack containing 100 unit-dose capsules, this product guarantees exceptional hemostasis and atraumatic cord-free retraction, ensuring optimal outcomes in every dental procedure.

Our Gingival Retraction Paste is formulated with a potent 15% Aluminum Chloride concentration, making it a reliable choice for efficient tissue management. Each unit dose capsule in this value package is specifically designed to treat up to 3 teeth in a single patient, maximizing convenience while minimizing waste. Furthermore, the capsule itself is compatible with most composite dispensers, streamlining the retraction process for practitioners.

  • Excellent hemostasis: By effectively controlling bleeding, our Gingival Retraction Paste minimizes complications during restorative procedures, promoting a smoother experience for both patients and dentists.
  • Atraumatic cord-free retraction: Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional cord placement. Our innovative paste offers gentle tissue retraction without the need for cords, reducing patient discomfort and saving valuable chair time.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, our Astringent Retraction Capsules are the go-to choice for dental professionals who prioritize reliable tissue management. Whether you're dealing with routine restorations or complex cosmetic procedures, our Gingival Retraction Paste guarantees exceptional results every time.

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