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Wireless Curing Light Wand with 1500mW/cm² Power - YWJ-LA400

Wireless Curing Light Wand with 1500mW/cm² Power - YWJ-LA400

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This Cordless LED Light Curing Wand is a high-quality dental tool designed to provide efficient and convenient curing of resin materials. With its wireless feature, you can freely move around during procedures without the hassle of tangled cords.

Featuring a powerful 5W high power LED, this curing wand ensures optimal light intensity for solidification. The maximum light intensity of more than 1500mW/cm² guarantees fast and reliable curing results.

Key features and benefits of this Wireless Curing Light include:

  • Constant light intensity: The solidification effect remains consistent regardless of the remaining power, ensuring reliable and consistent curing results.
  • Noiseless operation: The advanced technology used in this curing wand ensures quiet operation, providing a comfortable and peaceful environment for both the dentist and patient.

The elegantly designed wand is not only convenient to operate, but it also offers a long standby time of 90 days or more. Its high capacity lithium battery ensures uninterrupted use and eliminates the need for frequent charging.

Utilizing blue high sensitive brightness, this wand can effectively cure resins with a wavelength of 420-460nm. The ability to solidify up to 2-3mm deepness in just a few seconds makes it suitable for a wide range of dental procedures.

With its versatility, this curing wand can be used worldwide with an input voltage range of 110V-240V, AC, and 50-60Hz. Compatible with all brands of resin materials, it is an essential tool for every dental practice.

This Cordless LED Light Curing Wand comes complete with a curing light machine, light screen, guide light head, USB cable, and an operating instruction for easy setup and use.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of this Wireless Curing Light and achieve optimal curing results with ease.

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