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Discover the Apex Advantage - featuring a range of premium dental tools and materials designed to elevate your practice. From double-sided mouth mirrors to composite filling materials, we provide everything you need for precision and excellence in dental care. Our innovative intraoral scanner workstation and diamond bur sets ensure efficient and accurate procedures. With trusted brands like 3M and Ivoclar Vivadent, you can rely on quality and durability in every product. Upgrade your dental arsenal with the latest technology and materials experience a new level of patient care and satisfaction. Elevate your practice today!

  • Premium dental double sided mouth mirrors - 10pcs/box

    Essential for every dentist, these autoclavable and antifog dental mirrors feature a premium front surface for accurate oral exams. Each box contains 10 high-quality mirrors, making...

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  • 7% off

    Gregg double end composite instruments - high quality dental filling instrument (4/5 plastic)

    The Gregg Double End Composite Instrument is a must-have tool for any dental professional. Designed specifically for dental use, this instrument offers high quality and precision...

    Regular price $69.99 USD
    Sale price $69.99 USD Regular price $75.63 USD
  • Filtek z250 dental composite filling - a1/a2/a3 shades

    Enhance your dental practice with the exceptional Filtek Z250 Dental Composite Filling Kit. Designed by 3M ESPE, a trusted brand in dental materials, the Filtek Z250...

    Regular price From $56.10 USD
    Sale price From $56.10 USD Regular price
  • Fg diamond burs multiple models - for high speed handpiece/ 10pcs

    10 Pcs/Box Dental Diamond Burs Multiple Models - Dental High Speed HandpieceModel: BR-40S1. Type: Ball Shape2. Technique: Super Coarse Diamond3. Max Speed: 450,000RPM4. Head diameter: 1.6mm5....

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    Diamond burs extra coarse -high speed bur 1.6mm / 10pcs per bag

    Ensure precise and efficient dental procedures with our TR Extra Coarse Diamond Burs FG High Speed Bur. Designed for high-speed handpieces, these burs provide exceptional quality...

    Regular price $54.42 USD
    Sale price $54.42 USD Regular price $78.42 USD
  • Kulzer charisma diamond veneer light cure bxl - dental resin syringe refill

    Key features/selling points:1. High Quality Resin2. Diamond BXL Technology3. Easy to Use Syringe4. 100% Original Product5. Fresh Expiration DateDescription:Introducing the KULZER CHARISMA Diamond Veneer Light Cure...

    Regular price $68.42 USD
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  • Dmg ionosit baseliner: versatile dental base material -20/box

    Introducing the DMG Ionosit Baseliner, the perfect solution for preventing microleakage and ensuring long-lasting dental restorations. This single component microexpansion agent bonds to both dentin and...

    Regular price $214.42 USD
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  • Filtek supreme ultra capsules a2 -a3 enamel 20/bx. composite

    The 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative 6033D2 .2g Capsule Pack of 20 is a dental composite that combines strength and esthetics to deliver exceptional results. With...

    Regular price $134.90 USD
    Sale price $134.90 USD Regular price
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